A-10 Thunderbolts of the WI ANG fly in formation with their tanker at the EAA fly-in Oshkosh...


Robert S Brumm

Angela Brumm

Victoria Brumm

Megan Beno
Rob is a print/digitalnewspaper  photojournalist- starting at a local daily newspaper in 1986 while still a sophomore in high school. In 1989, as a college freshman,  Rob won three Associated Press awards for photographic excellence among Michigan daily publications. Now in 2017- with over 30 years of photographic and innovative technology knowledge- Rob and the Shoot-to-Thrill staff are equipped for a vast array of imaging needs in virtually any weather state. Land or sea. World-wide.  If there's an airport... we'll fly into it... if there isn't an airport- we'll parachute!

Rob primarily uses Nikon/Fujifilm film and digital SLR-based systems for his work.


Angela is an avid art and landscape photographer- who also dabbles in oil painting, and sculpting. Angela has approximately 29 years of photographic and fine-art experience to help guide her specialties in personal portraiture, wildlife, derelict  constructs, and various other still-life scenes.

Angela uses both Nikon and Canon film and digital SLR's as part of her equipment catalog.


Victoria is a two-time Wisconsin Girls 9-ball Billiard Champion- and is a brand ambassador for the Shoot-to-Thrill Photo/Jacoby Custom Cue Billiards Team.

Tori uses Nikon equipment for stills and is our GoPro/ sports videography contact.


Megan is StT Photo's resident videographer and motion picture editor. Meg also handles our Public Relations and social media exposure.

For video content creation -Megan uses Canon equipment exclusively. She has chosen Nikon for still photography.


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